Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc. (GBA) is a unique engineering firm that specializes in providing consulting and engineering services for a variety of projects, including port development, dredged material management, hydrographic surveying, coastal engineering and construction management. The firm was established in 1975 by William G. Gahagan and J. Franklin Bryant, two engineers both of whom had compiled 20 years of field experience with major dredging firms operating throughout the United States, South America and the Middle East.

GBA is an outgrowth of the Gahagan Overseas Construction Company (later the Gahagan Dredging Corporation), which was a leading international contractor from its origin in 1898. In 1952, Gahagan Overseas Construction Company undertook the dredging of the Orinoco River to facilitate access to Venezuelan iron ore. Later, Gahagan Dredging developed and pioneered the use of spider barges and hydraulic unloaders for the placement of runway fill at Kennedy, Newark and Logan international airports and the placement of road base for a portion of I-95 in northern New Jersey. The practical, and cost-effective approach to problem solutions that typify a successful contracting organization continues with the services offered by GBA today.

GBA was founded on the belief that in order to properly design a dredging program, the designing engineers must have “hands-on” field experience in carrying out real world dredging contracting. 
Presently, GBA is the largest engineering firm in the United States specializing in dredging and marine related projects. With offices in Los Angeles, and San Francisco, CA; Wilmington, DE; Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, NC; Tampa, FL, Houston, TX, GBA is strategically located to meet each client’s needs. GBA of NC, PLLC maintains an office in Wilmington, NC to provide engineering services in North Carolina.
GBA’s professional staff consists of over 80 engineers and support personnel, and includes engineers with hands-on experience in dredging engineering and in operating dredging equipment. Our personnel also have experience as contractors, surveyors and engineers in all of the major ports of the United States.
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With over 40 years of experience, GBA is the only engineering firm in the United States that approaches the solution to a dredging need based on its extensive experience with the nation’s major dredging contractors. Sound, time-tested engineering practices and extensive in-house technical skills are brought to any given task. From its inception, GBA has operated under the guiding principle of bringing its exceptional brand of specialized and practical experience to every project with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. Our unique background gives us the capability to offer services from concept to completion.