GBA approaches the solution to a dredging need based on its extensive experience as a major dredging contractor. Sound, time-tested engineering practices and extensive in-house technical skills are brought to every given task. 


GBA has designed and prepared plans and specifications for dredging projects for major navigation channels, berths, turning basins, marinas, land reclamation for port development and beach renourishment projects. Our knowledge and practical experience of the operating characteristics and applications of dredging equipment, as well as our understanding of the dredging industry, provides us with unequaled capabilities in the design of dredging projects and the preparation of plans and specifications.

GBA’s background as contractors in all types of dredging gives our firm an unequalled insight into the actual costs of dredging. Our dredging and placement cost estimates are put together as a contractor would put together a bid and are, therefore, extremely accurate. GBA has an in-house, computerized cost estimate system designed by our engineers specifically for dredging projects. This precise estimating procedure allows us to analyze costs for various dredging techniques and develop the most economical method available. This system also facilitates analysis of several dredging and placement options to develop the optimum method and design.

As former marine contractors, members of our staff also have an intimate knowledge of marine construction techniques and costs, including the construction of bulkheads and sheet pile walls. We analyze various construction methods and designs to develop the most economical system for our clients.

  • Peer Review
  • Planning
  • Quantity Calculations
  • Cost Estimating
  • Permitting
  • Design, Plans & Specifications
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Construction Management